Norwegian would

By | April 5, 2017

Scandinavian countries have a habit of investing early and leap-frogging the more cautious.  As with Mobile and then Full Fibre, so it will be with all manner of networked things.

Across three cities and  available free of charge to Norwegian entrepreneurs and students, Telenor’s ‘Start IoT’ hopes to support entrepreneurship, boost innovation and help with building national competence in IoT.  Oslo, Trondheim and Tromsø may spell OTT but this is no rash risk.

Together with the new initiative, Telenor will build a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) experimental network, a back-end system and provide development kits to start-ups, students and developers free of charge for testing and experimentation purposes over the period of five years.   With an operational start on May 1st, “This”, says Sigve Brekke, President and CEO, “is part of a broad initiative from Telenor to drive growth in the use of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT and big data in Norway.”