FISP response: Queen’s Speech commitment to Universal Service Obligation for Broadband

By | May 19, 2016

19th May 2016

Commenting on the outcome of the DCMS consultation that lies behind yesterday’s commitment to introduce a ‘right to request’ broadband service of at least 10Mb/s download speed, The Foundation for Information Society Policy observed that:

  • The defined target speed will not meet the future needs of the UK economy


  • The provision of a 10Mb/s USO is technically unattainable and operationally unaffordable with conventional ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ solutions.

The capital and operational costs of point-to-point fibre when compared to adaptation of legacy networks has changed over the past two decades to such an extent that continuation with earlier investment models severely constrains economic growth and societal development.

FISP therefore concludes that:

  1. The UK needs future-proof symmetrical broadband;
  1. The only solution is universal FTTP with supplementary local wireless support;
  1. The only valid questions are how much, how quickly, by whom and who pays.

FISP urges HMG urgently to recognize reality and focus economic and regulatory policy towards answering these questions.