Digital Communications Review: FISP response to Ofcom

By | November 16, 2015

FISP very much welcomed Ofcom’s current review but, rather than provide a standard response to the questions in the consultation document, decided to write a letter to Ofcom’s Chief Executive, Sharon White.

This approach allowed FISP to express views outwith the constraints of the set questions and to link its input more directly with previous policy indicators where the evolution of a wider understanding of broadband imperatives across all sectors of the economy (such as ‘fitness for purpose’, adaption to local needs, long-term vision, universal service and ‘service floors’) has influenced the debate.

In compliance with FISP’s modus operandi publication of this letter  is made one month after its formal submission in October 2015

Full Text (PDF download)   FISP response to Ofcom DCR consultation – Oct2015 Final.