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Delivering a More Independent Openreach

Today’s statement from OFCOM will be of interest to all concerned with the future development of the UK’s digital infrastructure. Critics may immediately puzzle over the headline use of ‘more’ rather than ‘completely’, and it is clear that the transition towards any fresh infrastructure strategy will take time to emerge. Meanwhile the government remains keen to… Read More »

Surrey, Kings and Bristol partner to push 5G forward

Long mooted but delayed by a General Election, the government has confirmed a major 5G-enabling project with the intention that by 2018 the resources will be available for wider collaboration. Many such investment announcements gain multiple coverage and this 5G project is no exception – and is potentially confused with the Infrastructure funding for Full… Read More »

FISP calls for policy action to future-proof London’s digital infrastructure

In a Press Release issued today FISP called on London’s mayoral candidates to consider establishment of a new publicly-owned agency ‘Digital for Londoners’. Whereas many lobby groups have highlighted the significance of London’s creative media and tech sectors, few commentator have focused on the pre-requisite of underlying digital infrastructures. The FISP call to create a… Read More »

Key Points from Ofcom’s Strategic Review

  Key Points from Ofcom’s Strategic Review Ofcom’s pronouncements are often weighty and demand close inspection. From 112 pages the FISP team’s legendary long view has been distilled to 8 key points. Vying for policy pole position are two positions – one long overdue and the other of uncertain practicality. [References are to chapter and… Read More »

FISP Applauds Ofcom’s DSR Announcements 25th Feb 2015

Media Release 25 February 2015 Independent Experts Applaud Ofcom’s Digital Communications Announcement The independent Foundation For Information Society Policy says Ofcom’s announcement on the future of BT Openreach promises a huge boost in helping the nation catch up with other countries’ increasingly advanced broadband infrastructures. Providing greater competitive access to the nation’s infrastructure of ducts and… Read More »

Digital Communications Review: FISP response to Ofcom

FISP very much welcomed Ofcom’s current review but, rather than provide a standard response to the questions in the consultation document, decided to write a letter to Ofcom’s Chief Executive, Sharon White. This approach allowed FISP to express views outwith the constraints of the set questions and to link its input more directly with previous policy indicators where the… Read More »

Establishing world-class connectivity throughout the UK – FISP responds to CMS Select Committee

“Establishing world-class connectivity throughout the UK” Responding to the call from the Culture Media & Sport Select Committee, FISP made three fundamental points: Statistics: It is important that the Committee appreciates that statistics frequently quoted in industry and government press releases selectively favour vested interests and must be applied with caution. Looking Ahead: Regulatory policy is still backward looking to the… Read More »

FISP Also welcomes Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications

Ofcom’s intent to conduct a strategic review of digital communications has attracted much media coverage and commentary from stakeholders in the networking industry.  The Terms of Reference published yesterday suggest that any outcome will not be known until late 2015 or early in 2016. In our initial response to the Ofcom publication we observe that regulatory frameworks… Read More »

FISP convenes to challenge conventions

In the latest FISP invitation-only discussion evening on 5th March, we’ll be debating two topics: (A) Structural Separation in an M&A Market, and (B) Regulating for QoS. Experience in New Zealand has shown that overall shareholder value has been enhanced for both separated parts of their former telecoms incumbent and both are now free to… Read More »

FISP Response to DCMS Consultation: Tackling Partial Not-Spots in Mobile Coverage

Responding to the DCMS consultation on ‘Not Spots’, FISP supports National Roaming concepts. The FISP submission cites the following potential benefits for both users and operators:  Improved continuity of coverage – particularly in rural areas, More reliable urban coverage, Availability of much faster data speeds, Better spectrum efficiency, More resilient wireless network infrastructure. The full… Read More »