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The UK’s Digital Halloween – more treats than tricks.

A close reading of Digital Minister Matt Hancock’s address to the Broadband Stakeholder’s Group conference – laden with repetition and alliteration – reveals a story-telling masterpiece. The repetition of earlier messages was a treat, reinforced by alliterative ‘Full Fibre’ and ‘Barrier Busting’ and, in a another clear step towards honesty, ” . . . a… Read More »

Bolting down Broadband

Regular readers will recall that Ofcom (the UK’s telecoms market regulator) recently gave Service Providers a full year’s notice that they should think seriously about conforming to some basic business practices like sending customers accurate bills and prompt handling of complaints. Setting out the basics was, it now seems, just a curtain-raiser for another long-overdue… Read More »

Privacy & Protection – a cyber-silo-convergence

Like all good think-tanks, FISP applauds policy developments that are evidence-led. We also, however, like to be forward looking – thinking through the issues that are just around the corner. Right now the minds of policy puzzlers are immersed in issues of cyber-security and the real (or sometimes imagined) fears for our data-dependent enterprises and… Read More »

Ofcom rule changes – six of the best to encourage better Providers.

Ofcom yesterday announced a raft of changes to their ‘General Conditions of Entitlement’ for all Comms Providers. These changes affect nuisance calls, complaints, billing, debt collection and services for disabled people and vulnerable customers. The new regulations will not come into force until 1 October 2018 to ‘to protect consumers and aid Ofcom’s enforcement work.‘… Read More »

Great Maps of Mediocrity

Eighteen months on from the FISP initiative ‘Digital for London’ (DfL) we have a flood of reports and commentary on the adequacy (or otherwise) of broadband connectivity and the lack of ambition apparent in the government consultation on a potential Universal Broadband Service Obligation. Specifically on the poverty of London’s broadband, Oliver O’Brien, a researcher… Read More »

Fresh Out of Excuses: dealing with sins of sub-standard design

FISP today submitted its response to the Advertising Standards Authority consultation on broadband speed claims. The ASA has come under increasing political pressure to adapt its (somewhat soft) rulings on broadband advertising.  Over the past two decades it has become increasing clear that many service designs can only be sold with a high degree of… Read More »

Digital Economy Council Convenes

The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport will chair the first meeting of the Digital Economy Council (DEC) today – 10th July. The Council will bring together some of the most influential voices in the tech sector to stimulate new growth and deliver new jobs in the digital economy. The Council has been… Read More »

Manifesto Myopia and Digital Promises

As electioneering resumes after a respectful pause for sombre reflection all Parties will have considered how to adapt their messages. Some will resolutely stick to promises already published.  Others will reshuffle priorities. Mid-campaign adjustments that might otherwise have been scornfully dismissed as U-Turns may now be treated with more tolerance in this second chapter.  The… Read More »

The New Oil?

In this week’s Economist (the UK-based weekly magazine) the cover illustration heralds a leader column describing Data as the new Oil. The parallel is not entirely sound – a natural resource that could eventually be exhausted is very different from new resources that are multiplying – but, suggests the author, governments should be concerned about the impotence… Read More »