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Another Day, Another Nail

Not a good week for BT & Partners. Monday’s news of fines by Ofcom and promises of compensation for wholesale customers included a supplement for regulatory obstruction. The confirmation today that the long-term downward trend in complaints about Broadband and Phone-lines has stalled will not ease the pain. BT shareholders, however, reacted positively to the fine for… Read More »

Fighting for a Gigabit Society

The prospects and implications of Gigabit connectivity are demanding serious attention. In the European Parliament and here in the UK the gloves are off. Combatants are climbing into the ring. Referees are calling for a fair fight. The danger is that silo thinking, with far too much concentration on the health of the telecom industry… Read More »

Local Government Association – 5G everywhere, please

Responding to the £16 million to trial new 5G technology and £200 million for local broadband projects announced in today’s Spring Budget, Chairman of the LGA’s People and Places Board, Cllr Mark Hawthorne, said: “The Government says 5G technology has the potential to make Britain a global leader in mobile digital connectivity. As such, we… Read More »

Shows some small improvements but could do far better

In the annual Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) the ranking of the UK has now slipped to 7th place.   In these Digital Transformation stakes the metrics show improvement in all areas – but still the UK is overtaken by faster improving EU States. As with so many of these multi-factor indices it is not the… Read More »

Goodbye Digital – Hello Transformation

The long-promised UK Government’s Digital Strategy has finally arrived – and it’s a Transformation Strategy. FISP raises two and a half hearty cheers. New brooms at DCMS, BEIS and HM Treasury have swept the stables clean of mouldering muck and provided fresh straw. And in that sweeter air we are urged to fill our lungs… Read More »

Standard Confusion – how green is your broadband?

The UK Advertising Standards Authority ASA) ruled back in 2014 that a FTTH provider should not promote absolute speed claims and insisted that they used the ‘up to’ formulation in marketing material.  This judgement seemed based on widespread experience of non-fibre broadband services that use copper for all or part of the access route.  At the… Read More »

5G means 5G

5G is an evolution – not a revolution – leastways according to 3GPP, the cellular standards group.  This is the interpretation of 3GPP’s newly specified logo.  That assertion is already being tested.  The new logo was announced on the same day as we gained insight into an advanced high speed 5G trial in Korea. Most mobile users… Read More »