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Standard Confusion – how green is your broadband?

The UK Advertising Standards Authority ASA) ruled back in 2014 that a FTTH provider should not promote absolute speed claims and insisted that they used the ‘up to’ formulation in marketing material.  This judgement seemed based on widespread experience of non-fibre broadband services that use copper for all or part of the access route.  At the… Read More »

Tumbling towards reality – fibre costs down – value up

It was entirely appropriate that the UK’s 3rd significant contributor to the FTTH Conference in Marseille was Gigaclear’s Matthew Hare. Even more appropriately, Matthew spoke on issues of raising investment for full fibre deployments on a day when the FTTH Council issued a report showing that a fully Gigabit Europe would cost far less than… Read More »

Answering the ‘Wake Up’ calls

Yesterday’s report from Marseille welcomed Ofcom’s appearance on stage at the FTTH Council Europe’s annual conference.   But it was not the only contribution that would have surprised many delegates. Very few of our continental friends would have already clocked the seismic shifts in UK broadband policy. Even fewer would have expected that the UK government… Read More »

National Cyber Security Centre – very much in business

GCHQ’s new Cyber Security Centre, formally opened today by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, has been operational since October 2016 and handled 188 ‘high-level’ cyber-attacks against the UK over the past three months. Speaking at the opening, the Rt Hon. Philip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said:  “Britain is transforming its capabilities in cyber defence and deterrence. It’s crucial… Read More »

5G means 5G

5G is an evolution – not a revolution – leastways according to 3GPP, the cellular standards group.  This is the interpretation of 3GPP’s newly specified logo.  That assertion is already being tested.  The new logo was announced on the same day as we gained insight into an advanced high speed 5G trial in Korea. Most mobile users… Read More »

The Next Digital Decade

The current sense of relief is putting a spring in the step of UK broadband campaigners.  They’ve banged their heads against a brick wall for at least the last 2 decades. Now at last, thanks to the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) and the Future Communications Challenge Group (FCCG) and umpteen others, the broadband campaigners sense… Read More »