Monthly Archives: September 2016

Brextrapolations (Part 3): Brexit scenarios and contexts

The short title of this 3-part series has steadily lost impact. Speaker after speaker at the FISP seminar on ‘Brexit implications for the Information Society’ stressed the impossibility of predicting the outcomes of future negotiations and, as noted in Part 2, it is becoming clear that a large part of ‘trade negotiation’ falls into the… Read More »

Brextrapolations (Part 2): Legal, Financial and Business issues

The UK’s EU referendum may have been likened to hurling a large rock into a pool but close observers will be aware that the waters were already far from placid.  Our ‘Information Society’ is constantly evolving – adapting to new technologies with their economic and societal impacts. It is no surprise to find a wide… Read More »

Brextrapolations: The FISP Brexit Brainstorm

Seeking pathways through the fog of uncertainty, FISP explored the potential Information Society impacts of the Brexitting process with a small seminar that brought together leaders in Law, Finance, Regulation, Politics, Policy Development, Communications and Business. The discussion will now further inform a FISP paper to be published here shortly. Huge uncertainties make it impossible… Read More »