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Key Points from Ofcom’s Strategic Review

  Key Points from Ofcom’s Strategic Review Ofcom’s pronouncements are often weighty and demand close inspection. From 112 pages the FISP team’s legendary long view has been distilled to 8 key points. Vying for policy pole position are two positions – one long overdue and the other of uncertain practicality. [References are to chapter and… Read More »

FISP Applauds Ofcom’s DSR Announcements 25th Feb 2015

Media Release 25 February 2015 Independent Experts Applaud Ofcom’s Digital Communications Announcement The independent Foundation For Information Society Policy says Ofcom’s announcement on the future of BT Openreach promises a huge boost in helping the nation catch up with other countries’ increasingly advanced broadband infrastructures. Providing greater competitive access to the nation’s infrastructure of ducts and… Read More »