Forward Thinking for the Digital 2020s

The Foundation (formed in 2012) is a think tank that is entirely independent of political parties, communications & network providers and any other commercial interests in technologies, products and services.

FISP exists to formulate inputs for policy and regulatory development with the over-riding objective of encouraging maturity in the digitalised economy – our ‘Information Society’.

FISP speaks with an authority derived from the guidance of experienced independent voices and is driven by a realisation of the UK’s economic dependence on the functionality and performance of digital networks.

The FISP mission is fourfold.  In the development of the UK’s increasingly digitalised economy we exist to:

  • identify and illuminate significant policy issues,
  • raise awareness of critical opportunities,
  • provide guidance for policy developers and regulatory agencies, and
  • inform a wider public of the way the ‘information society’ will increasingly impact their work and life.


FISP : delivering deeper digital insights